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From sales to service, consultancy, repairs and new product installations, we have you covered!

Get all your compressor products and air compressor accessories under one roof!

At Airforce Compressors, our skilled team offers service and repairs to air compressors, compressed air pipework installations, air treatment and dryers, pneumatic equipment, air and pneumatic tool repairs, as well as a variety of compressor products and accessories. We also perform a number of services to your system, including compressed air pressure vessel inspections, air quality testing, air consumption audits and leak detection, just to name a few.


Our range of products and services include the most efficient range of compressors and accessories on the market today.


At Airforce Compressors, our skilled team will respond fast and efficiently to any repairs needed to equipment or products, 24/7.


We offer quality equipment, products and accessories for hire at affordable prices.

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We have qualified technicians with over 18 years’ experience, who will assist you with all your air requirements, including air-line piping and installations. Should you require a quotation, please feel free to contact one of our friendly sales representatives.