Air Dryers

Air-dryers are connected in-line to your air compressor, they “dry” air by reducing the air temperature to dew-point. Once dew point is reached, water in the air condenses and is separated from the air, leaving dry air. Various in-line pre and after filters can also be used to further purify the air by removing solid particles, water and oil particles from the system.

General Features


  • Enviromentally friendly refrigerants
  • Built-in Electronic Auto Drain
  • Adjustable expantion valve
  • Built-in air/water separation device
  • Three-in-one heat exchanger design and increased efficiency and cooling capacity
  • Air flow channel design for uniform heat exchange
  • Power coated cabinet
  • Up to 45°C ambient operating temperature
    • Inlet temperature up to 65°C
    • Pressure dew point of 2~10°C
    • PLC protection and control